5 Tips for Creating Effective Instagram Stories

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Why your business needs to be utilizing Instagram Stories and strategies to get you started today.

Social Media is all about sharing. Where you go, what you create, and what you value. This is what makes Instagram Stories so unique. They provide a short snapshot to share meaningful and fun content to grab the viewers’ attention and last for only 24 hours.
Instagram Stories can be an entertaining and creative way for businesses to engage with their followers, build awareness and drive in more traffic. According to Instagram, since launching back in August 2016, a total of 400 million users have started sharing on Instagram Stories. Of the 400 million accounts using Instagram Stories, one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories gets a direct message from its viewers.
Creating an Instagram story is actually quite simple. Following some of these tricks will help your business when creating interesting and engaging content:

  1. Post Content Your Viewers Want to See

Stories that include fun ideas will be more likely to be noticed. Top brands such as National Geographic, Etsy, and Ben and Jerry’s have done a great job at this. Here are some examples to help think out of the box and to make the most out of your content sharing.

  • Tutorials
  • Content Threads (e.g. 5 Reasons to Buy X)
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Breaking News
  • Q&A
  • Shoutouts to followers and other businesses
  1. Instagram Stories Highlights

Once an Instagram Story has been archived you are able to add it to a highlight collection that is featured on your profile. Businesses can use these highlights as different categories for the content they post (e.g. Culture, Work, Fun). This helps to organize the posts and give viewers a better insight to the company as a whole.

  1. Use Instagram Stories Swipe Up Feature

The “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram allows you to directly link a website page on Instagram Stories. This is a great way to direct traffic to different pages and track conversions.

  1. Instagram Stories Ads

Using Instagram’s full screen, vertical format, businesses can share photos and videos that immerse users with your businesses content. Instagram Stories Ads also provide the ability to target your ads by reach, video views, traffic, conversions, app installs and brand awareness.

  1. Use Stickers, Hashtags, Polls and Animated GIFS

Using stickers and animated GIFS will help grab the viewers’ attention. There are thousands of different stickers and GIFS to search through to match the material you are posting. Polls give insights into your users’ preferences and also serve as a way for viewers to directly engage with your company. Hashtags can also direct more traffic to other posts linked under that specific hashtag.
Source: https://business.instagram.com/a/stories-ads