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Communicating Your Brand’s Value Proposition

Emily Del Favero

Allow your brand value to shineIdentify what sets your brand apart from the competition and shout it from the mountain tops. Your value proposition, or brand positioning statement, plays an integral part in your brand’s identity. This one or two-sentence power statement clearly communicates your product or service’s unique value, defines your target audience, and shares how it benefits your customers. It quite simply tells your audience what you do, who you serve, and how you do it differently. Most importantly, it distinguishes your brand’s crystal-clear benefits and sets you apart from your competitors while inspiring trust in the brand’s ability to deliver on its promise.

Value Props Shout-out: Slack

Let’s take a quick look at a value proposition all-star, Slack—the cloud-based, collaboration software company.

Slack breaks down communication silos and increases productivity between teams across the globe by providing a simple messaging platform that integrates tools and services companies use on a daily basis. Their value proposition—“making work simpler, more pleasant and more productive”—is tied to ease, productivity and happiness.
Staying true to their brand positioning by offering “all the tools you use for work, in one place,” Slack provides seamless messaging, file sharing, archiving, video calls, search, and more, making it easier than ever for teams to collaborate effectively. They have done this so well that they’ve won the trust of some of the most reputable companies in the world, including IBM, Airbnb,, the U.S. State Department, and Capital One.

Today, Slack has millions of people using its product daily. Cornering the collaboration software market, Slack is valued at $3.8 billion. Their brand is a prime example of how offering an exceptional product and communicating the value of your business can produce winning results.

Understanding your core competencies and articulating your value proposition throughout your marketing message will attract your ideal clients. Remember to keep messaging around your value simple. Avoid catchy, trendy jargon and develop a clear, unmistakable, and easy to understand the value proposition.

What’s the last piece of the puzzle? Consistency.

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