Death of the Agency Newsletter?!

Shannon Reilly

Yes, I am being slightly dramatic. No, the agency newsletter is not truly “dead.” However, as you examine your content strategy it is vital to take a long and unbiased look at your distribution channels and ensure that you are providing value to your audience. The content you post on your blog is not always fit for every social channel or your e-mail newsletter. If you aren’t providing unique value and giving users a reason to follow you across your various networks, then why are you producing content in the first place?

There is more noise than ever in e-mail and good open rates are not always indicative of effective marketing. Let’s be honest, have you ever subscribed to a newsletter  to find way more emails than you’d like to see within the first month alone? I know I have and it is the worst.

I have come up with a few steps to simplify your content channels, so that you can put maximum effort into the channels you identify as “most effective.”

 Where is your audience most actively engaging with your content? 
Between socials, emailing, and blogs there are plenty of different channels that can be used to reach your target audience. Recognizing which of your channels gets the most conversions, engagements and shows signs of growth will determine where to deliver your content.

Is your e-mail communication just a rehash of what you’ve posted everywhere else?
Using emails/newsletters as a “check off box” for another way to push your content does not provide the recipients with any value. Emails require strategy and personalization. Recipients chose to subscribe to your list for a reason. If the email content you are sending does not meet their needs, interests, or is recycled information then the emails will result in lower open and click through rates.

Is it optimized to display well? 
According to WebFX 71.2% of recipients delete emails that don’t display properly. Since around 90% of email is read on mobile devices it is crucial to make sure your design is mobile friendly. If the email doesn’t look right or work for recipients it is a missed opportunity.

Is it timely? 
Quality over quantity. According to HubSpot, 78% of its recipients claim to have canceled email subscriptions because they are receiving too many. Putting followers on “full blast” with repetitive content will lead to more unengaged followers – or you’ll even get hit with an unsubscribe. Tactics like targeted automation triggers help timeliness by sending out an email when there is an engagement or behavior versus relying on the marketer to choose the time to send the message.

 Are you looking at the whole picture?
While email marketing still works, it doesn’t work well for many companies or campaigns. But then again so does a handful of marketing tactics, depending on the audience and industry. Effective marketing takes time and knowledge of your audience. Show your audience you know them by personalizing messages, segmenting lists and creating personas. If you aren’t getting results, compare what other channels you are receiving stronger engagements from.

So… after taking all of these things into consideration: we are putting our money where our mouth is and discontinuing the DaviesMoore newsletter. Our primary channels for news are strongest through our socials and blogs, which is why we are parting from the newsletter. You’ll still see e-mail communication coming from us in some form, but the bi-monthly newsletter (at least for DaviesMoore) is a thing of the past.

Join us as we pour one out for the agency newsletter.