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Email Marketing Best Practices

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Email MarketingEmail marketing can be the most effective and least expensive channel for businesses to nurture leads and communicate with customers. When used strategically, emails can contribute to 58% of total revenue. So the question is, how do you make emails work for your business?

Well, that depends. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a successful email marketing strategy, but keep in mind that email is a tactic that contributes to the overall marketing strategy. Email is a means of delivering content to an audience, and the strategy needs to be based on the audience you are targeting and the content they want to read. Sending random emails simply doesn’t work.
Regardless of the campaign, there are certain best practices that all emails should follow. We’ve outlined these email marketing best practices below:

Content – It all starts here.

No one will care about your email unless you are sending them content that is relevant. Typically, your content should provide educational information, answer a question, or help resolve a need. Many marketing automation platforms allow for hyper-personalized content, allowing you to send exactly what a person is looking for based on their activity with your business. If you nail your content, then the rest of the metrics will follow.

Subject Lines – Short, personal, and captivating.

Subject lines are often overlooked or added last minute, but this is the first thing a user is going to see and ultimately what determines if they will open the email. Subscribers spend 3-4 seconds determining if they are going to open an email, so your subject line better grab their attention immediately and showcase why the content in the email is important. Never just randomly throw a subject line in a campaign, always put strategy behind it. This is also an area where you can personalize.

Call-to-Action – What do you want them to do?

Emails are simply tactics to get a user to the next step, but they can’t get to that next step if you don’t tell them where to go. Make it obvious what the reader should do after reading your email, and don’t be afraid to include multiple CTAs in the same email. They can even go to the same place, but you can use variants to increase click rates.

Landing Pages – The conversation continues.

CTAs should link to landing pages. Landing pages are where all the glory happens. You provide more information about your offer and ask the user to provide information in return. Always keep landing pages simple and only have buttons and links that direct them to what you want them to do. The more distractions you have, the less likely they are to convert. Squirrel!

Responsive Design – Does it look right?

Mobile phones are obviously here to stay. 2/3 of all emails are read on mobile devices, meaning you need to make sure your email is looking fabulous on all devices. The best way to lose interest from consumers is to give them something they can’t read.

Using email marketing as part of your inbound marketing strategy can open up huge reach opportunities and high returns, but only when it’s executed well. Interested in learning more about inbound marketing strategy? We’ve got you covered.

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