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How to Get the Most Out of Your Content

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Get the most out of your contentContent. We all know that content is a key tactic in many integrated marketing strategies, but sometimes the task of creating so much content can be daunting. It takes time to create strategically awesome pieces of content, and sometimes time is the one thing we don’t have. So how do you get the maximum return on each piece of content you create?

One piece of content can live well beyond its first initial purpose. Typically, a piece of content is created, whether it be a blog, infographic, white paper, etc., and posted. Then it’s on to the next. However, that one piece of content you just created can actually live in multiple places, serve multiple purposes, and increase the value of the time that you spent creating the initial content piece. But how does one take a single piece of content and turn it into a marketing superstar? Let’s find out.


The best way to approach a good ol’ repurposing is to start big, meaning write a long piece of content. This could be a white paper, ebook, or guide that covers multiple topics that typically serves as a gated resource. Why start big, you may ask? Simple. You can take the breadth of content and turn it into multiple smaller pieces.

Take a white paper, for example. If you have a five-page white paper, chances are there are about 3-5 separate topics you are covering that can be singled out as a blog post. After the white paper is complete, take those sections and compiled research, and create a blog series on the same topic. Now don’t just copy and paste, of course, but take the overarching themes and rework them into a short-n-sweet blog. Why is this important? Remember that Google will not index a piece of content that is behind a form, so putting the content up on your blog helps you in search.

This same research can also be translated into an infographic. Chances are you found quite a bit of information while researching for the white paper, and now all you need is a spiffy designer to make it look visually pleasing.
Thinking about video? Good, because you should. The same white paper (yep, still on the same white paper) can be translated into a webinar, podcast, or video series.

See what I mean? What started out as a white paper to generate new inbound leads turned into a blog series that helps in search, an infographic that people can download and share, and a video series that people watch and engage with.

Sharing Your Content.

Now that you’ve turned one piece of content into 3-5 pieces of content, it’s time to share it with the world. When sharing your various content resources, be sure to determine which types of content will perform best based on where you are sharing. You do not want to take and blast every single piece of content on every single channel. That’s boring, and nothing will happen.

A few quick tips. If you are looking to generate leads from your content (so a white paper, ebook, or webinar), then LinkedIn is your best bet. You can create landing pages for downloads or registration, or you can use the lead gen forms directly through LinkedIn. One thing to keep in mind is that using the LinkedIn lead gen forms results in a lot of personal email addresses because people typically create their LinkedIn accounts from a personal email—meaning you may not receive the business email you want to market to.

If you are looking for exposure and views, then Facebook is where to be. Blogs, infographics, etc. perform well on this channel. If you have a video series, then host it on YouTube and embed the video into your Facebook feed. You don’t want your videos living in multiple places. Pick one (which should be YouTube because it ranks higher in search) and then embed that one video everywhere else.

Promote Your Content!

Boost, boost, boost! Unless you already have an extensive network of followers, you will need to pay to promote your content on each channel to reach new audiences on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars per week, but you do want to invest in your content, and the amount of money you spend should be determined by your business model.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy watching all these pieces of content work to move your prospects through the sales funnel. Content is incredibly important to any marketing strategy, and if you can get in a rhythm of repurposing, then your time invested will be well worth it.

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