Leadership Insights: Creating Opportunity

Kallee Mendonca

Leadership insightsDay 2 at LES immersed us into our local government in spades. Meeting at the Springfield City Hall, we explored multiple facets of government operations for both Eugene and Springfield. We had panel discussions with both city mayors, city managers, the Lane County administrator, both legislative and public affairs managers, county commissioners, and city councilors! It was an action and information-packed day, to say the least!
While much of the panel discussions were focused on similarities and differences between the two cities, how they operate, challenges they face, and current hot topics, there was a common thread that each person spoke to—leadership. While each person plays a very different role in the big picture of our local government, it was really insightful to see one similarity of successful leadership surface.
Successful leaders set the core values, tone, vision, and direction of a group and create opportunities for leadership to bubble up.
When you allow your team to have wings, feel enabled to take action and do good work, that’s where things get done. As the Eugene city manager put it, “A good leader will push themselves to spend more time on the balcony and less time on the dance floor.”
When I relate this statement to my leadership role at DaviesMoore, it resonates deeply. As an account director, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks associated with our accounts. With high standards for success, it can be difficult to let go and step away from the menial tasks. But if you set the direction and tone for success on an account, you can allow leadership to bubble up from your account coordinators and support team. This gives you the opportunity to look at the big picture, make sure your strategy is intact and in touch with the current marketplace, and be a step ahead of your clients and industry trends instead of stuck behind in the weeds.
Day 2 of LES was a great reminder that being a good leader means focusing on the collective group strengths and not just my own. It reminded me that the best AD/AE’s know the importance of stepping away from the day-to-day tasks we juggle and create opportunities for others to succeed. I believe this mindset will not only set a positive tone and direction for the team; it will increase the success of current and future accounts and the agency as a whole.
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