Let’s Talk Type

Kelsey Selis

Lets Talk Type. Fonts and typefaces. The societies of our world wouldn’t be able to function without them. They are the symbols that form language to dictate how and why we communicate, that create the stories we grew up with, that leads us to our destination or in our case, and ultimately, that create rad ads to make our clients happy.
DaviesMoore’s creative and digital team talks type regularly to accomplish awesome projects. Does this typeface work as a web font? Does this portray the message and back up initial strategy? We have the ones we love, we loathe and the blasé, our to-go’s, and the ones that become the butt of our jokes. And we would love to show you some of our fonts in our toolboxes.

Kelly Knopp, Art Director, illustrator extraordinaire, reaches for the sturdy and bold Cubano sans serif. This font can withstand his detail-oriented, otherworldly creations and works to better the overall piece in his eyes. And of course, we all agree.

Becca Owens, our queen of the code, Senior Web Developer, explains why we love Bitter pretty perfectly. “I’m a sucker for a nice serif font, and I’ve always liked Bitter. It pairs nicely with a sans serif, and it isn’t too much of a show-off. Plus, bitter beer face. I mean…” Yes.

Emily Del Favero, our power-boss-babe Digital Project Manager, keeps us in line on a daily basis; even her choice font is the definition of class. Her take on Roboto: “It’s very classic to me. Clean, simple and sans serif – all the things I love in a font. Also, every time I use it I sing ‘Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto’ to myself, which is funny. From website body copy, to a bold headline, or even to use for typing a letter or taking digital notes. It’s easy for reading and I love it extra large too. It also comes in a wide range of font styles, from thin to black giving you a broad spectrum of weights. Yay! It also matches up well with other fonts.”

As our fearless, beloved leader, Executive Creative Director Mel Mansfield’s font choice may not be her favorite go-to, but it has funk, and throws us back to a simpler time. She explains, “This is definitely not my favorite typeface. It’s not even the one typeface I’d choose to be stranded on a deserted island with, but it’s a fun typeface!
“Last year this font, Kitten, was featured as How Design’s Free Font Friday font. It has a fun, throwback, hand-lettered sign vibe that I love. In additional to several different weights, it also has swashes that can be accessed through glyph palette, or you can type underscores after the letter to produce different cat silhouettes. And instead of dingbats it is… DINGCATS! I really enjoy how well illustration mixes with this typeface.
“This font’s not very practical, but it is adorable!”
Cute.  I love you too!

Christelle Lyman, Designer super star and the sassy sweetheart of us all, definitely loves the scripts. Alana is elegant, yet playful and pairs well with simple sans serif fonts. It’s perfect to accentuate, class-up and catch eyes.

Lastly, my choice font, Matchbook, doesn’t work for every typographical situation, but it sure has a personality and nostalgia to it. I love it for a strong header or display that demands eyes, but please do not try to use this as body copy, because you are sure to lose a reader or two.