Stellar Insight to Collaborate Better with Your Agency

Emily Del Favero

Thinking about working with an agency for your new website project? Perhaps you’ve already decided to seek out professional design and development services, but you’re not quite sure what you’ve gotten yourself into? Or maybe you’re in the middle of a project and you’ve seemed to hit a wall? Rest assured you’re not alone, and we’re here to help!
Through our experience working with clients across various industries we’ve come to understand the initial hesitation to working with an agency (especially if you’ve had an unpleasant experience in the past) and some roadblocks that tend to come up along the way. The client/agency relationship can be a beautiful, fulfilling and mutually beneficial one when handled with intention, consideration, respect and friendliness! Our goal is to help prepare you for taking on an agency partnership (or to improve the one you already have) and set both parties and your digital project up for success.
> Introducing the DM Digital Design Guide
This eleven-step toolkit will take you on a ride through interweb space and includes tips to help you prepare for your first agency meeting and other key things to consider throughout the process. We cover topics such as getting to know each other, the power of research and strategy, setting goals, data-informed UI/UX design, providing feedback, solving challenges and more.
Like all good relationships, communication and collaboration is the key to success. Being transparent with an agency about your expectations and needs regarding timeline, design, content, functionality and revisions is important — especially if you have a specific budget you’re working with. The same will also be given to you by your digital partner in communicating process, deliverables, turn-around time, design decisions, review guidelines and staying on budget.
Another nugget of advice? If there’s ever something you don’t understand or would like a deeper explanation about, never be afraid to ask! We are happy to divulge all the details, definitions, and reasoning behind our terminology, processes, and decisions from “what is a wireframe?” to “why did you choose that font?” Your agency is there to be your ongoing support and hub of strategic advice, creative wisdom and technical expertise.
At DM we hope to exceed your agency expectations beyond the sun. We strive to launch every client project off as a true collaborative partnership so we are smoothly orbiting around the same star.
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