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Super Bowl Commercials: The Power of Traditional Media

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Traditional MediaWith the lower cost and potentially viral reach of digital media—like Facebook ads—many businesses veer away from spending on Super Bowl commercials. The “big game” can cost big bucks. But before you look for another option in your advertising playbook, consider these insights from our 116 & West media team.

I’m just here for the food

Super Bowl Sunday is practically a national holiday. That means a lot of non-football fans gather together to watch the game. More precisely, a lot of people are going to parties simply to enjoy the food, the company, and … the commercials, too.

The Super Bowl is perhaps the only “chandelier” event (big-time programming like The Oscars and the Olympics) that millions of people are watching “just for the commercials.” The funny Doritos ad, the Budweiser Clydesdales, the heart-wrenching military homecoming scenes when dad surprises his wife or daughter; cue a baby and a puppy now. Typically, when you invest in TV spots, you need to make sure you create something that keeps people from going to the bathroom or getting a drink for another 30 seconds. During the big game, your audience is locked in. And that’s a marketer’s fantasy.

Nike, Coke, Apple … and you?

Yes, your business can have an affordable ad that runs before or after a multimillion-dollar one from powerhouse companies and national brands. Broadcasters sell ad slots to local businesses in between quarters and around halftime, but not during timeouts. So right after watching that hilarious Cheetos commercial, the audience (in your local area) could be learning about what makes your company great.
So, to benefit from Super Bowl ad prestige, you don’t have to think different, as Apple would say. You just have to think big.

Focus on the tell, not the sell

If you take the plunge and put together an ad campaign to run during Super Bowl, try to stay focused on branding not selling. During a Super Bowl party, rarely will a person stop what they’re doing and go online to check out your company or buy a product. But if you tell your brand story in a way that resonates, and then follow up that messaging with—for instance—a digital media campaign focused more on your product, the strategy can pay big dividends.

Double up on digital

This year, Fox Sports decided to air the commercials it was running on its traditional live TV broadcast on its broadcasts being streamed over the Internet. In other words, no matter how someone was watching the game (traditional TV or over the web), they were seeing your commercial.
That’s a nice extra bang for your buck.

Kickoff is now

If you’re wondering why we’re posting this blog after the Super Bowl, that’s because Super Bowl ad packages go on sale nearly a year before the big game. That’s a good thing. It locks your ads in, and it’s the cheapest those spots will ever get over the course of a year.

Start planning now. The next season has already begun; the clock is ticking.

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