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The Fine Art of Creepy

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The Fine Art of Creepy

Looking back on my roots

As far back as my memory serves, I’ve had a pencil in my hand. In my younger days, I would wake up early for Saturday morning cartoons and try my best to replicate characters from the Flintstones, Batman, and the Ninja Turtles. Attempting to draw characters from several different cartoons helped me develop my skills and style by taking bits and pieces that I liked from each and combining them to create my own toons.

Discovering my muse

One day everything changed… I discovered the beautiful world of Ren & Stimpy and the Garbage Pail Kids! They both had it all—irreverent humor, silly non-sensible plots, and most importantly to me, a CREEPY artistic style that would make parents gasp. I was hooked on this grotesque aesthetic, and I instantly wanted to create a similar vibe in my artwork.  I began drawing all sorts of horrible things, like eyeballs popping out of heads and blood—lots and lots of blood. As you can imagine, several adults thought that I needed help, but for me, the reactions served as needed attention.

Incorporating my personal style in my work

The creepy art vibe has stuck with me and has somewhat defined me as an artist. I have refined the “creepy”  to help tell better stories with my art, whether it be a personal one or, lately, a political one. Nowadays I find myself in a graphic design/illustration role, which more often lends itself to the creation of more conservative imagery. But I’m still waiting for the right client who needs a brand identity chock-full of bones and guts!

A Pill for Everything

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