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Why you should partner with an agency

Carolyn Lodge

When you realize there might be a hole in your marketing efforts or that you don’t have the team to accomplish your goals, the next steps can be daunting. Do you hire additional staff? Or do you look to partner with an agency? There are pros and cons to both, and we thought it was time to address this initial question:

Why partner with an agency in the first place?

Extended Team

An agency can bolster your team and provide talent to which you may not otherwise have access. Most agencies attract talent that stands out in the realm of creative thinking. These individuals are drawn toward agency life for the opportunity to showcase their own skills. Within the agency team, you have access to strategists, designers, writers, developers, planners, researchers, and proven methodologies that work together for greater results.

Many individuals who are attracted to agencies also value the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and clients and continue to bolster their own skill-sets. In addition, there is an opportunity to take what is learned from one industry and apply it to similar marketing challenges in other areas of work. The addition of more creative thinking offers the opportunity to spark new ideas and lead to bold, unexpected solutions.


Perhaps one of the most important ingredients to the client-agency relationship is the ability for an agency partner to learn about your business as an insider, yet maintain the perspective of an outsider. This third-party ability to see the forest for the trees is imperative, especially in an environment of consulting. With this approach, your agency can bring to bear thoughts and best practices that are derived from experience working on other pieces of business and the greater landscape in which your business exists.


When it comes to partnerships, agencies have the ability to leverage knowledge, budgets, relationships, and execution, working toward a common goal. With the relationships and experience of working with multiple clients, an agency brings various perspectives and strategies that can often work together to benefit all parties. While implementing on behalf of multiple clients, there is the opportunity to find common goals and beneficial partnerships. At our best, agencies are matchmakers and are agnostic to tactics.  We aren’t beholden or pressured by anything except results. Within that, we find the freedom to think creatively and deliver beyond what an internal team may be able to bring to the table.


Similar to leverage, but really with a point on the process of working together, collaboration is an overused word for a reason. While bolstering your internal team, bringing an outside perspective, and finding opportunities to leverage partnership, your agency should be a catalyst for collaboration—both internally and externally.


An agency motivated for results isn’t hamstrung by internal limitations. The agency is focused on your business goals. As the outside partner, we are not burdened by advancement or internal politics. We can focus on the business objectives and how to reach them.

You should partner with an agency

The synergy between a client and agency is often the catalyst that leads to the most successful ideas. By working together to create synergies, your internal team can focus on their internal benchmarks and have a helping hand with execution. The best relationships are formed through mutual trust based on strategic thinking and collaboration to execute. The idea that doctors can’t operate on themselves is dramatic but true to the sentiment of how an agency can bring value to your business. For logistical, emotional, and tactical reasons, find a partner you trust.

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