Dustin Cook

Director of Client Services


Dustin’s insane resume includes working with some bad-ass clients such as T-Mobile, Caesars Entertainment, HP, Microsoft and Verizon. He also loves to brag about the time he got to work with Cardi B—and we love hearing about it! Dustin is ultra smart, great at creating solid relationships with clients, and loves to collaborate. He’s also really good at drinking, has a strong meme game, and is one dapper MFer.

Dustin’s non-work activities include plucking gray hairs caused by his three “knucklehead” sons, date nights with his wife, and summoning his inner Keith Moon on the drums.


  • BA in Communication, Minor in Marketing; Bowling Green State University

Awards & Recognition

  • Best Listener, YMCA Basketball, 1994
  • Rookie of the Year, DaviesMoore, 2019

If you could either be more attractive or more intelligent, which would you choose?

Duh - obviously attractive. “Knowledge is important, but big biceps are importanter.” – Albert Einstein