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Haven Fricke

Front-End Web Developer


Haven has a background with technology ranging from radios to software development to your
day-to-day computer troubleshooting. He has been technically inclined since a young age but
also has a passion for music and design. His airy personality brings a sense of curiosity and
creativity to the table.

Beyond the workplace, Haven is involved in music and the outdoors. He may look lost if
you run into him anywhere but, that’s okay. He likes the inspiration he feels from stepping into
the unknown.



  • ACI Learning IT Trade School
    Boise CodeWorks Full-Stack Software Engineering
    Field Radio Operator/Technician Course, USMC

Certifications and Specializations

  • Front and back end software development
    Audio Engineering and Sound Production

What does the world need more of?

Collectivism and philanthropy