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Isabel Sarhad

Graphic Designer


Stylish, beautiful, and trendy are the perfect words to describe Isabel…and her design aesthetic. Isabel not only has some seriously good design and marketing chops, she’s also always willing to jump into new projects to learn new things—there’s no fear in this creative girl! Isabel is opinionated about musicians and loves to pet dogs more than anyone else in the office. She’s also still learning the ropes about how much coffee she can consume without getting the jitters.

When she’s not immersed in Illustrator, you can find Isabel doing outings with friends, happy hours, and exercising. She’s also an avid concert goer and movie geek, (rom coms FTW).


  • BA Business Marketing; Boise State University

Community Involvement

  • NSAC Ad Team 2018, 2019

Descibe your favorite coffee mug.

My favorite coffee mug is red and in white bold lettering it says, "Per my previous email, asshole."