Ismael Gastelum



Ismael may spend a lot of time locked in his office speaking to reps and figuring out da billz, but when he emerges, it’s always to be the life of the party. When he’s working, Ismael is good at noticing patterns, finding inefficiencies, and fixing them. He takes initiative and does what’s necessary to stay on top of the game. When he’s not working, Ish is chatty, funny, just plain likeable. He’s low-key one of the friendliest dudes on the planet.

According to Ismael, his dogs and wife are life.


  • Marketing BBA; Boise State University

Community Involvement

  • Boise State University NSAC Ad Team, 2018

Describe your favorite coffee mug.

Big with some Bailey's at the bottom and a view of snowcapped mountains in the distance.