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Marc Herring

UX Designer

(he, him)

Marc could never figure out if he was a creative, a strategist, a social scientist, or a mystic. After years of dabbling in each, he combined them by becoming a UX Designer. Some may call it meandering; Marc calls it information gathering. That’s what he does around here – he listens, hunts for insights, and then uses all that data to devise simple solutions to complicated problems. He’s curious, empathetic, efficient, and discerning.

After hours, Marc plays music (guitar and pedal steel) and chases his toddler around. He loves mixing cocktails and making pizza from scratch, and whenever possible, he’ll be in Lake Coeur d’Alene.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Northwest Nazarene University

Community Involvement

  • Treefort Music Fest, Musician, Sound Engineer, Venue Manager, Fanboy, 2012-2020
  • Downtown Teaching Farm, Community Gardener, 2011-2017

What does the world need more of?

People being curious about each other.