Megan Nicholls

Senior Designer and UI/UX Specialist

Megan is a legit designer with almost a decade of experience. Not only does she produce beautiful work on logos and client collateral pieces, she designs incredible websites. Her websites are both gorgeous and strategic—the user experience, best practices, and industry standards are always at the forefront of her design. Megan’s talents also include photography, excellent comedic timing, and sharing strong opinions about food. Megan also knows how to throw a rad Halloween party and enjoys not hiking.

When she’s not at her desk, Megan and her husband Brandon like to go do things with their dogs, like swimming, bike rides, etc. They’re also slowly remodeling their old house. Megan also likes drinking on patios with friends—both human and dog. She graduated Ski School in 2019, so you’ll also find her tearing up the slopes during the winter.


  • BFA in Graphic Design; Boise State University

Certifications and Specializations

  • Human-centered Design; UC San Diego
  • UI/UX; Cal Arts

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

NO, allow me to finally settle this long standing office debate: A defining feature of any sandwich is two (or sometimes one, in the case of an open-face sandwich) free-standing pieces of bread. A hotdog, on the other hand, is served with a connected piece of bread which opens on a hinge. It is also customary for a sandwich to be served cut in half, which is never the case for hotdogs. Therefore, hotdogs belong in their own category and are not a sandwich.