Nick Kuzio

Account Coordinator

You can always count on Nick to be thoughtful. He takes his relationships seriously and never forgets to double check work before it gets in front of our clients. As a teammate, Nick is fun, hardworking, and is a great collaborator. Nick’s greatest weakness is Chip cookies. His greatest strength is tequila.

When he’s not making sarcastic comments during internal meetings, Nick likes skiing, playing golf, riding his dirt bike, boating, and spending time with friends and family.


  • BA in Marketing; University of Idaho

Crocs or nah?

Crocs, for sure. You won't win any fashion awards in crocs, but they're functional. Walking around the house? Flip the back strap up and slide your feet in (with or without socks, that's up to you). Need to wear them in the water? Flip the back strap down and those bad boys aren't going anywhere, (not to mention the superior drainage). Crocs for the win. Don't even get me started on Heelys.