Shannon Reilly

Digital Marketing & Media Specialist

Shannon manages and implements social and digital ad campaigns for our clients. She also helps manage and create content for our clients’ owned social media channels. Shannon does all of this strategically and without EVER being in a bad mood. She’s also always on the lookout for trends and platforms. Shannon’s favorite hidden talent is a mean pair of finger guns.

When she’s not wowing everyone with her upbeat positivity, Shannon spends a lot of time outside. She skis, backpacks, goes to concerts, and drinks wine (obvi outside).


  • BS Business Marketing and Certificate in Intermediate Spanish; Boise State University

Community Involvement

  • TreeFort Media Manager
  • Boise State University NSAC Ad Team, 2018

Certifications and Specializations

  • Google Display
  • Google Search
  • Google Analytics

Favorite office supply

Do La Croixs count?