Tiffany Patterson | 116 & West
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Tiffany Patterson

Art Director / Illustrator


Tiffany brings refreshing creativity to everything they do. Tiffany is a self-taught artist who began by creating band posters and doing freelance illustrations. As a designer, they create print marketing and websites that accomplish our client’s goals. But occasionally, those goals are best achieved by unleashing Tiffany’s whimsical, artistic talent and energy. When that happens, you never know what you’ll receive, but you can be sure it will be fabulous.

Awards & Recognition

  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze Addy Awards
  • 2021 US Travel ESTO Award
  • Inlander, Best Of - Best Local Artist
  • Spokane CDA Magazine - Top 20 Under 40

Community Involvement

  • Co-Founder of the Mild Riders Scooter Gang
  • Mural Workshop Instructor for Spokane Arts

What is a small thing you feel extremely passionate about?

The spelling of grey/gray. Grey with an “e” is always preferred and obviously the best. Spelling gray with an “a” is only acceptable for warm tones.