Alzar School

Wanting to stand out in a sea of semester schools, Alzar School partnered with us to develop a new website, design print collateral, and execute a paid media campaign. Our goal was to elevate their brand, create a brilliant digital experience, and take their recruitment tools to the next level.


The result of these marketing efforts contributed to the Spring 2019 semester being Alzar School’s biggest class to date.

CLIENT Alzar School
DELIVERABLES Website, Printed Recruitment Material, Digital Campaign
EXPERTISE Strategy, UI/UX Design, Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Digital Media
AWARDS Webby Honoree, Websites, schools/universities; Silver Rockies Award, Digital Advertising; Silver Rockies Award, Direct Mail Collateral; Gold Davey Award: School/University Website; Gold Davey Award: Print Campaign

A Revitalized Online Experience

The website was designed with a mobile-first approach and was geared to their primary audience of potential students. Our charge was to communicate their fun, adventure-driven learning environment while also maintaining the look and feel of academic excellence. We needed to captivate and educate, as well as set Alzar School apart from the competition.


We're good at what we do, sometimes they even give us trophies.

2019 Webby Honoree
Websites, schools/universities
Silber Rockie Award
Davey Award
Direct Mail Collateral
Silver Rockie Award
Direct Email Collateral

Recruitment Collateral

To help educate potential students and their parents about Alzar School’s unique learning experience, we created print collateral the recruitment team could hand out at events, trade shows, and send via mail. These beautifully branded and informationally rich materials explained the value of a semester school and why potential students should choose Alzar School.

Digital Marketing Campaign

We set up the digital marketing campaign to reach both potential students and their parents. We used paid social and well-targeted ads that were visually stunning and compelling to encourage clicks. In just over 4 months, our digital campaign garnered almost 11 million total impressions and nearly 170,000 total clicks. That’s what we call winning!

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