Howling Owl

Split Rail Winery was in the process of creating a second line, Howlin’ Owl, and needed some creative direction for their brand, logo, and packaging. We enjoyed their fun personality and openness for unique design, so we worked with their team to develop a logo they loved and wine labels that fit the young, vibrant direction they wanted for the brand.

CLIENT Howling Owl
DELIVERABLES Brand Development, Logo, Packaging
EXPERTISE Design, Packaging, Brand Planning
AWARDS Rockies Award, citation
Two Howling Owl wine bottles.
Logo And Brand Development

We came up with a simple, oval-shaped owl logo that could work on its own or as part of a label. We wanted the logo to be interesting, but not too busy. Because owls are cool birds in their own right, we kept our design from straying too far into the avant garde.

cubano, Regular
Arial, Regular
Label Design
For the labels themselves, we presented a few different design options. Our client went with a fun, '80s vibe with bright colors and bold graphics. Our intrepid design matched the unique product names, pulling everything together into a badass package.


We're good at what we do, sometimes they even give us trophies.

Rockie Award Citation
Two bottles of Howling Owl wine.

Business Cards

We implemented the logo and the label designs into the Howlin’ Owl business cards, which is a perfect way to introduce the brand. No handshake could possibly be this badass.

Howling Owl business cards.
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