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Idaho Press

To get a bigger piece of the newspaper market share, Idaho Press needed help converting Idaho Statesman readers and reaching new readers in the growing Ada County population.

DELIVERABLES Brand Development, Logo, Out of Home, TV, Print, Display Ads
EXPERTISE Strategy Design, Copywriting, Media Strategy, Video Production and Direction
AWARDS Silver Rockies Award, Copywriting; Silver Rocky Awards, Print Ad & Print Ad Campaign; Rockies Award Citation, outdoor board and outdoor board campaign; Davey Award, Out-Of-Home
Woman with daughter reading Idaho Press newspaper.

Logo And Brand Development

We helped Idaho Press develop a new identity that better captured the target market. We changed their name, and developed a logo that is contemporary, unique, and simple. We also helped them develop a new tagline, “Local news worth holding,” to underscore their dedication to using local reporters to cover local news. We also loved the idea that you can both “hold” a newspaper and metaphorically “hold onto” memorable stories.

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Our idea for a television spot was to show how the newspaper could be an integral part of a family’s day. We illustrated this idea by showing a mother and her child reading together. We paralleled the idea of holding onto special moments with holding onto local stories.

Promotional Campaign

Our recommendation was to run two parallel campaigns: One, a brand campaign that touted Idaho Press as the relatable choice for millennials, and two, a promotional campaign positioning the Idaho Press as a better choice than the Idaho Statesman.


Silver Rockie Award
Silver Rockie Award
Print Ad & Print Ad Campaign
Rockie Award Citation
Outdoor board and outdoor board campaign
Davey Award
Idaho Press billboard ad.
Idaho Press billboard ad.


Within three months of launching the campaigns, the Idaho Press was far exceeding expectations. Idaho Press reached their 6-month goal for new subscribers in just 2 months. Hell yes. Overall sales of the Idaho Press continue to be up across the board and the campaign flighting has been correlated to a measurable increase in new subscriber counts. In less than a year, Idaho Press circulation numbers had increased by 39%.

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