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Division of Public Health: COVID Campaigns

As the contracted marketing partner for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Division of Public Health, we were front and center to the needs around COVID-19 communication throughout the state. We partnered to establish two strategic campaigns aimed at mitigating COVID-19 in Idaho. One targeted people traveling through Idaho’s “ports of entry” (airports, state borders, etc). The other focused on students and parents as school picked back up in the fall.

DELIVERABLES Media Plan, Video Spots, Radio Spots, Digital Ads, Out-Of-Home
EXPERTISE Media Strategy, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Video Production/Editing

"Ports of Entry" Out-Of-Home

Media Planning/Buying, Graphic Design

Port Of Entry- Keeping Idahoans Healthy Image of Boise
Port Of Entry- Recreate Safely, Image of Boise
Port Of Entry- Travel Safely, Return Healthy, Image of Boise

"Back to School" Video Spots

Media Planning/Buying, Copywriting, Video Production/Editing

"Back To School" Radio Spots

Media Planning/Buying, Copywriting, Audio Engineering

"Back to School" Out-Of-Home, Point Of Sale, Print

Media Planning/Buying, Graphic Design

Back To School Billboard Design, Keep Idaho's Students In School
Back To School Gas Pump Topper, Fight Covid-19 for Idaho's Students
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