Kendall: Let’s Start Something Great

Emily Del Favero

When planning brand campaigns, numerous factors go into choosing a spokesperson. Perhaps the individual is an authority on a given topic, brings relevant, personal experience, or represents someone with which the audience identifies. When using a non-actor spokesperson, the spot’s concept and script must be tailored to the individual. Unless the spokesperson is a natural in front of the camera, the level of acting must be carefully considered.

From past experience directing former Boise State University quarterback, Kellen Moore, we wanted to break away from the expected shot-on-the-lot car ad for Kendall’s fall campaign. As a current member of the Dallas Cowboy’s practice squad, Kellen has a reputation for being a hard worker and a perfectionist. We leveraged those traits with a spot showing him at home practicing Kendall’s tagline, “Let’s start something great.” This teased the challenge of using a non-actor spokesperson as we see him “rehearsing” his lines before he leaves home for the day. While we still needed multiple takes to get each shot right, this concept allowed us to focus on fine-tuning each take rather than wrestling with tough dialogue or complicated direction.

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