TitleOne: An Interactive Quiz

Emily Del Favero


When TitleOne needed to present educational information about wire fraud in an fun and informative way, they asked DM to come up with a few creative concepts to help them win an internal team competition. If their idea was selected, the team would win funding toward producing and launching the wire fraud project initiative.

One of the concepts we presented was an interactive quiz educating buyers, sellers, lenders and agents about the dangers of cyber attacks during the home buying process.

Take the Quiz: Fraud Racer!!!

This animated quiz features a “bad guy” (hacker Randy in a monster truck) and a “good guy” (everyday Joe in a TitleOne bug) racing toward a new home. The cars drive along a scenic road with billboards passing by that include educational information about wire fraud. Then, the user is presented with a question to answer about the information they just read to see if they’ve retained the knowledge. A wrong answer sends the hacker truck sputtering past the TitleOne bug closer to stealing the home. A correct answer zooms the TitleOne bug into first place, speeding past the hacker. When you answer all five questions correctly, the TitleOne bug arrives safely at the brand new home, unscathed by wire fraud!

Check out this cool experience and take the Fraud Racer quiz to test your knowledge about wire fraud and how to avoid it!

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