TitleOne: Developing a Signature Brand

Emily Del Favero


DaviesMoore has been a strategic partner of TitleOne for over 10 years, partnering on a variety of brand development initiatives. One of our recent tasks was developing a new brand campaign to highlight TitleOne’s culture, benefits, and added value to real estate agents. The campaign needed to differentiate from competitors and brand TitleOne among the greater community.

Our creative team presented three concepts: 1) a safe iteration of their previous campaign, 2) a more artistic focus on elements of “team” and “tools,” and 3) a fun, illustrated campaign that used the VW Bug (arguably the most recognizable brand element) to mark the company’s “can-do” attitude. This third concept was a steep departure from TitleOne’s previous branding, taking a bold step out of the typical title insurance marketing. With their stamp of approval, our team rolled out this illustrated concept by using bold, catchy headlines and customized messaging for different markets, extending the art direction to multiple digital display ads and a mile ticker on TitleOne’s website.

Campaign Components