barre3 January Challenge Case Study

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Our client barre3 is a national brand that encourages people to rethink their relationship with fitness by providing instructor-led studio workouts and online classes. Studios are franchise businesses, while the online class experience is created and published by the corporate office.

The barre3 brand is fiercely determined to help people feel great about themselves. In each ad, social post, or email, barre3 delivers a message that is body-positive and real. From the corporate office, through each franchise, the language, imagery, and color all help illustrate these important brand standards.

The January Challenge Campaign: Dec 15 – Jan 20

One of barre3’s biggest customer acquisition campaigns is their January Challenge. Each January, the brand capitalizes on the marketability of the word “challenge,” but flips the narrative. Instead of challenging people to lose weight, barre3 challenges people to believe they are remarkable just as they are in the very moment—no exceptions. Barre3’s goal is to not only lead the conversation but also deliver the practical and purposeful tools their clients need in order to go on a month-long journey of discovering what redefining what success in fitness means for them.

Barre3 wants its clients to abandon the fitness challenges that use fear-based motivations, unrealistic body ideals, and external measures of success. Instead, barre3 presents the challenge for their clients to stay tapped into their present self, and to appreciate the connection.

Our job was to help barre3 gain memberships and to help them tell the story of empowerment. We used photography and video created by barre3 that was inclusive of all types of individuals, as well as copy that reiterated the purpose of the challenge. Our creative solutions helped to show that the challenge wasn’t about improving a person’s physical look, but was about redefining fitness as a way to feel present and alive.

We also used video footage to create and test a video ad, which turned out to be hugely impactful.

The Goals

The goal of this campaign was acquisition. To increase YOY memberships, barre3 offered unlimited online classes for $29/month and studio packages for $99/month. Alongside this special, members were offered content, as well as the platform to help them redefine success in fitness.

  1. Increase online memberships, YOY
  2. Increase studio revenue from class package sales, YOY
  3. $38 blended CPA across all campaign tactics

The Tactics

Barre3 has established three main audiences for its advertising campaigns: fitness, mindfulness, and mothers. We tailored the creative imagery and copy to best meet the interests of each audience, as well as where they were in the sales funnel. For example, remarketing ads contained more urgent messaging than our traffic ads.

Examples of the barre3 paid social ads as a part of their January Challenge campaign.

  1. Online
    1. Paid social:
      1. Facebook & Instagram (Feed, Stories)*
        1. Traffic campaign
        2. Prospecting campaign
        3. Remarketing Campaign
          1. *Traffic and prospecting campaigns fed remarketing ads and excluded current customers and past purchasers.
      2. Pinterest
    2. Paid search
    3. Programmatic Display
  2. Studio
    1. Paid social: Facebook & Instagram (feed, stories), Pinterest

The Results

Our tactics, design, and messaging all came together like magic. We exceeded every goal by a wide margin and were rewarded with a very happy client, (our favorite thing). We definitely have to tip our cap to our client for being communicative and a great partner through the whole campaign—from planning through execution.

    1. Online:
      1. 110.5% to goal
      2. 18% YOY increase in new subscriptions
    2. Studio:
      1. Daily Average Revenue: 117.44% to goal
      2. Challenge Total Revenue: 21% YOY Increase (goal was 3%)
    3. Traffic to the website:
      1. Goal: 15% YOY increase
      2. Actual: 37% YOY increase


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