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Boise + Spokane = ♥

116 & West is thrilled to announce that we have increased our Pacific Northwest presence by adding a Spokane, WA office! To continue to serve our expanding client roster, 116 & West has acquired long-time design agency, Klündt Hosmer. A creative leader in Spokane, Washington, Klündt Hosmer, served design marketing needs for an extensive list of brands for over 35 years. Our integrated full-service advertising team will support clients nationwide with a sharpened focus in Boise, Spokane, Eugene, Portland, and Seattle.

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We’re your travel buddy, tour guide, and pilot all rolled into one. We provide the skills and expertise to get you on the right path, but we go beyond that. We’re here to help you discover the path. We’ll be there to help you see past the horizon, and look for opportunities you didn’t even know were there.

Strategic Insights

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