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Visit Spokane: Room to Roam

Creating a promotional campaign to encourage travel and tourism during the height of the pandemic requires a sharp focus on how to do it safely. “Room to Roam,” a campaign for Visit Spokane, showed Seattle, Portland, and the Tri-Cities how to escape the work-from-home monotony and enjoy the fun and exciting activities in the Spokane region—away from crowds. “Room to Roam” earned $5 million in hotel room revenue for Spokane County during the worst year of worldwide hotel occupancy in recent memory. By the end of 2020, the campaign delivered a 2:1 return on advertising spend (ROAS), and generated over 100 million measure impressions.

DELIVERABLES Campaign Concept, Messaging, Logo, Campaign/Brand Development, Print, Digital & Social Campaigns, Landing Page Design/Development, Out-Of-Home, Collateral, TV Spots
EXPERTISE Campaign Strategy, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Copywriting, Brand Guidelines, Development, Media Strategy, Copywriting, UX Strategy, UI Design, Digital Campaigns & Reporting, Animation/Video Production/Editing, Social Media

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