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Innovia Foundation: Pivot and Succeed

Innovia Foundation is one of the leading philanthropic organizations for Eastern Washington and North Idaho, having awarded more than $81 million in grants and scholarships to help communities better the lives of those in the region.


Each year, Innovia celebrates the regional impact of its donors, supporters, and community partners with an annual reception. In 2020, out of an abundance of caution due to the pandemic, they hosted a virtual reception. Our team outlined production, created set graphics, and worked with the Hamilton Studio crew and Innovia staff to produce the event. Our partnership didn’t end there. We continue to develop their annual report, newsletter, annual appeal, and holiday collateral.

DELIVERABLES Annual Report, Newsletter, Collateral, Annual Reception Videography & Livestream, Set Design
EXPERTISE Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Video Development

Annual Report

Graphic Design, Illustration


Graphic Design

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