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9.7.23 | Read time: 3 min

Bardenay Spirits Branding

Carolyn Lodge

Bardenay & 116 History

Bardenay, a Treasure Valley culinary staple for over 20 years, is known as one of Boise’s best restaurants. Their strong reputation stems from stunning patios, award-winning martinis, many spirit accolades, and a menu that delights the palate.

As Boise’s restaurant scene changed significantly over the last two decades, Bardenay grew their physical locations and line of spirits. And, for nearly as long as they’ve served up the best cocktails in Boise, our agency has worked alongside Bardenay’s leadership to hone the brand, develop their infamous cocktail contest, roll out new liquors, partner on dozens of campaigns and events, and consistently support their community service efforts.

Award-Winning Marketing

Over the years, our team launched two new Bardenay websites and developed their sister restaurant’s brand, website, and overall marketing, for Coyne’s located in Eagle, Idaho. We’ve done it all — and it has been an exciting endeavor to support their growth through branding, refined art direction, and strategy.

When Bardenay recently developed their Employee Trust and transitioned to an ESOP, our agency managed their internal and external communication, which received a Gold Award at the 2022 Idaho Addy Awards, the Rockies. Now employee-owned, we continue to support Bardenay’s team with initiatives, including this roll-out of fresh, new branding for their line of spirits.

Bardenay Distilling Rebrand

In 1999, Bardenay opened their doors as the nation’s first restaurant-distillery and continues to distill liquor in-house. Through the years, Bardenay spirits, most notably their vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey, received various silver and gold awards from Tastings – The Beverage Testing Institute. Today, Bardenay distills various liquors at their three Idaho locations, including the best gin and best whiskey produced by a local distillery.

While the restaurants were previously Bardenay’s primary external marketing focus, we pivoted to create a more consistent and refined distillery brand in the last year. Now, the launch of their sub-brand, Bardenay Distilling Co., begins a new chapter in Bardenay’s history and features a fresh look to promote their spirits in Idaho and the PNW.

With a solid suite of product offerings, this rebrand is an opportunity to reintroduce Bardenay’s spirits to the market with sophisticated imagery and a sense of adventure. Since Bardenay’s roots are nautical in nature, and their spirits are anchored in true craft, we leaned into the brand’s history, created hand-drawn illustrations of a mermaid luring sailors to celebrate and imbibe together, built a sophisticated color palette that exudes the natural essence of each product, and paired them with a matching icon and whimsical folklore.

Bardenay spirits label redesign creative process created by 116 & West Advertising Agency

Custom Illustration

A mermaid holding a goblet and reaching for the stars embodies exploration, a brand attribute and a characteristic consistently displayed through the distillery’s continued innovation. Since Mermaids often represent renewal and transition, the art has a dual meaning with water and symbolic revitalization as Bardenay spirits sets sail on their new chapter.

116 & West Advertising Agency designed Bardenay spirits new labels for its vodka, lemon vodka, dry gin, rum, and ginger rum

New Bardenay Location

We created cohesion across all products by reimagining the liquor line and developing spirits-forward marketing to use as they promote the line outside of their restaurants. Bardenay’s spirits are now available at Idaho liquor stores and their adventure continues as Bardenay Distilling Co. contemplates a new distillery in Boise’s award-winning Waterfront District.