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3.23.22 | read time: 1 min

116 & West | Spokane Helps Ukraine

116 & West

Family gathered wearing "Spokane helps Ukraine" shirts
Sergey’s family

We’ve been working with Sergey Stefoglo on rebranding his company, Elite Construction & Remodeling. Sergey immigrated to Spokane from Ukraine 25 years ago. In a recent meeting with Sergey, he received a phone call from a pastor friend in Kharkiv, Ukraine, updating him on what is going on in the war there. Sergey put the call on speaker and translated for us while we listened to what things are like for the Ukrainian people. Hearing of their hardships, we immediately wanted to help.

With the help of Taylor Klündt, we designed a SPOKANE HELPS UKRAINE logographic, t-shirt, and website. The site was built and published by Greg Naker. The Hamilton Studio joined with us to film an interview with Sergey and his daughters that was posted to https://spokanehelpsukraine.org. The site can receive financial donations and promotes the sale of the t-shirts, with ALL proceeds going directly to feed and provide supplies to the people of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Donate directly by clicking here.

Sergey and Alina Stefoglio being interviewed about their Spokane Helps Ukraine campaign
Seregey and his daughters filming

The first 100 t-shirts were printed at Zome Design and sold out in one day. 300 more were printed and are for sale at Cedar Coffee (another Ukrainian-owned business) at 701 N Monroe and at other locations that can be found on the website. The suggested t-shirt donation is a minimum of $30.

Please join 116 & West | Spokane to help the people of Kharkiv, Ukraine. An incredible $46,419 has been donated so far! You are AMAZING, Spokane! Дякую (Thank you!)

Jessica, Jean and Darin show off Spokane Helps Ukraine T-shirt
Spokane team receiving the t-shirts