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Annie Stillar

Creative Services Manager / Spokane Lead


Annie believes no business transaction is complete without these three ingredients: perspective, communication, and compassion. Annie is a marvel of organization (“I know right where that is”), memorization (“That was exactly three months ago at 2:30 pm”), and communication (“I’ll resend that email, so it’s easy for you to access”). She keeps us and all of our projects on track.

Annie is an avid hiker (hello Half Dome!), chef, and home improvement connoisseur.


  • AA, Spokane Falls Community College

Community Involvement

  • Director/Choreographer and Vocal Coach, 18 years (CYT Spokane/North Idaho, AIM Spokane)
  • Whitworth University English Department Staff

What does the world need more of?

People who choose to go to therapy as a means of routine maintenance.