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Sara Timberlake

Integrated Media Specialist


Sara’s foray into the world of advertising began because she wanted to help people and be creative at the same time. As she took more classes in business and advertising, she also realized that she’d be working with freaking cool people (which is why most of us are here, too). Finishing her education at University of Idaho during the wild 2020 year, meant she couldn’t participate in our Go West Internship program. But, we did her one better: we hired her! She might be working next to her big sister Annie, but Sara brings her own smart, artistic, and articulate skills to the table. We’re pretty excited to see what she can do.

Outside of work, Sara loves to play with her puppy, work on her illustrations, listen to podcasts, and hobby hop.


  • BS in Marketing; University of Idaho

Community Involvement

  • University of Idaho NSAC Ad Team, 2019-2020

What is a small thing you feel extremely passionate about?

Mayonnaise is so disgusting. I have always refused to eat it. When we were kids, my sister would chase me around the house with a knife. If you’re wondering if I was running from the knife, or the mayo spread on it. The answer is, definitely the mayo.