Kendall Auto Group has a long-standing relationship with former Boise State star quarterback (and national goddamn treasure) Kellen Moore. For a PR campaign, Kendall’s goal was to leverage Kellen’s positive equity in the Treasure Valley and correlate it to Kendall Idaho brands.

CLIENT Kendall Automotive
DELIVERABLES Television Ad, Kellendar, Promotional Items
EXPERTISE Strategy, Design, Illustration, Media
AWARDS Silver Rockies Award, PR; Silver Rockies Award, :60 Radio; Gold Rockies Award, PR


It was necessary to highlight Kellen’s fun personality without having to rely on him to deliver lines in a particular way (he’s an athlete, not an actor, folks).

Our idea was to let Kellen be Kellen and give him the chance to poke fun at a his own celebrity, all while connecting the fun to Kendall. That intersection is where the “Kellendar” was born.


We're good at what we do, sometimes they even give us trophies.

Silver Rockie Award
Silver Rockie Award
:60 Radio
Gold Rockie Award

Campaign Execution

To create this campaign, we wrote and produced a television spot in which Kellen was the star. In the commercial, Kellen pitched his idea for the “Kellendar” to a room of Kendall executives. Then, the ad shows Kellen doing a hilarious photo shoot for the Kellendar.

The spot ran on local channels for about a year, (9/18-7/19), and on Hulu from (9/18-10/18).


Kendall’s partnership with Moore, and the Kellendar spot in particular, garnered buzz in the local news cycle. KTVB did a segment on the story, lauding Kendall’s creativity and Moore’s growing skill as a spokesperson and actor. Co-host of Idaho Sports Talk Mike Prater tweeted about how funny the spot was, which got many likes and retweets.

Overall, this PR campaign was highly successful and was just the beginning of what will turn out to be a fun, unique growth opportunity for both Kendall and Kellen Moore.

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