Over the years, Kendall has expanded into new markets and has established a familiar brand that both exemplifies their investments in the communities they serve, as well as the quality of their customer service. 116 & West has helped Kendall utilize these spokespeople in funny, compelling ways that have helped make the Kendall brand more recognizable and memorable.

CLIENT Kendall Automotive
DELIVERABLES Digital video, Traditional broadcast Kellendar, Social media Banners
EXPERTISE Strategy, Design, Production, Media
AWARDS Silver Rockies Award, PR, Silver Rockies Award, :60 Radio, Gold Rockies Award, PR
Kendall Lot

Leighton Vander Esch: The New Guy

Although we’d never brag about it, we had the glorious idea of partnering Kendall Auto Group with Idaho-native and Dallas Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch. Leighton is from a small town called Riggins and was a star player at Boise State University. Kendall loved the idea, so we got the contract signed and got to work on how to introduce LVE as part of the Kendall team.

We wrote and produced two television spots with Leighton. Both spots had to integrate LVE into the Gary/Kellen collection we’d already established.

For the first spot, we wanted to pair his arrival into the Kendall brand with their GMC Dealer of the year award. In the spot, Kellen pitches to the executive team that Leighton is the perfect way to announce their big achievement.

The second spot showed Leighton as a member of the Kendall team and a big Kellen Moore fan. Gary showed off his bling to Leighton knowing that Kendall Automotive had won the President’s award 5 years in a row. Leighton then asked “Gary” to sign the Kellendar.

We launched this campaign in the fall of 2019, paralleling the start of the NFL football season. It ran on a branding schedule for the Idaho market. We targeted an audience that would be most familiar with Kellen and Leighton. We also ran these spots on Hulu and digital pre-roll.


Big Twitter accounts such as Ian Rapoport, Yahoo Sports, and Troy Hughees retweeted the spot, garnering a lot of buzz. The spot also made it into News Day and Fort Worth Star. Kendall has been really happy with the PR and attention these spots have been getting. We continually use them when we need the content.


We're good at what we do, sometimes they even give us trophies.

Silver Rockie Award
Silver Rockie Award
:60 Radio
Gold Rockie Award

Denee: The Kendall Lady

Denee has been a Toyota spokesperson in Alaska for years. And while that history is important to Kendall’s contract with her, her adorable personality and look are really what made us get excited about working with her.

Our first round of production with Denee’ was filmed in February 2020 right before COVID hit. Round one ran in Marysville, May – August. Eugene Honda launched Denee’ spots in September.

We filmed round two of production in August 2020 on a COVID-safe set. The creative spoke subtly to the new reality of living and working in a COVID world, and really built on the character of Denee’ we were leveraging in Marysville and Eugene.

These spots continue to run for both Marysville Auto Center and Kendall Honda (Eugene). You bet we’re pumped about continuing to work with Denee.

Kellen Moore: The Kellendar

We wanted to use former Boise State star quarterback (and national goddamn treasure) Kellen Moore for a PR campaign. Kendall’s goal was to leverage Kellen’s positive equity in the Treasure Valley and correlate it to Kendall Idaho brands.

In the commercial we wrote and produced, Kellen pitched his idea for the “Kellendar” to a room of Kendall executives. Then, the ad shows Kellen doing a hilarious photo shoot for the Kellendar.

Exclusive Kendall calendar flyers


Kendall’s partnership with Moore, and the Kellendar spot in particular, garnered buzz in the local news cycle. KTVB did a segment on the story, lauding Kendall’s creativity and Moore’s growing skill as a spokesperson and actor. Co-host of Idaho Sports Talk Mike Prater tweeted about how funny the spot was, which got many likes and retweets.

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