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Media Campaign Reports Media Campaign Reports

Media Planning & Buying

Expand your brand and reach your target. Synergistic, smart, innovative media campaigns, and nothing less.

Our media department is equipped with robust media-buying software and the latest advertising and marketing research tools. We determine the best strategy to reach your audience at the right time, leveraging tv, radio, streaming media, digital marketing, out-of-home/outdoor, print and direct mail marketing.

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Strategy, Targeting, and Budget

Ad strategy and targeting work concurrently informing each other. Once we determine the goals of the campaign, we will identify your target audience and which mediums will best reach them. As your full-service media partner, we are seasoned in running successful television, radio, billboards, and digital media campaigns. We focus on relevant, reachable markets locally, regionally, and nationally, as appropriate for your needs and budget.

Learn more about how we developed an effective, multi-tiered marketing campaign for the national fitness and wellness company, barre3.

Media Partner Negotiations

Over the past 25 years, we have built long-lasting relationships with our media partners. Because of these mutually beneficial relationships, we are able to leverage the resources, exposure, cost savings, value-add opportunities, and expertise of our reputable media outlets and extend them to your campaign. Our synergistic approach to media relationships allows us to create more impactful and cost-effective campaigns that resonate with your target audience and deliver results.

Media Buying & Campaign Optimization

Our fully-integrated media department strategically incorporates diversified paid media tactics based on campaign goals, targeting, and budget. We are equipped to purchase all varieties of media, including traditional print, TV, radio, out-of-home (OOH)/billboards, and digital such as Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram, Google ad platforms, OTT/CTV, Pinterest, Yelp, Spotify, Reddit, and others. We use data-driven insights to optimize your campaign and continuously improve its performance, shifting your budget to yield the best results and maximize your ROI.

Learn more about our digital marketing capabilities.

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Traditional Media

Radio, TV, and Print

Our media team is well-versed in purchasing TV, radio, and print placements to help bring your message to the masses. Whether a branding campaign or a promotional campaign, we’ll suggest the right mixture of tactics paired with the right timing to maximize reach and frequency. With your budget at the forefront of our planning, we’ll create a plan that makes your money play big.

Learn about our video and audio production services.


Out of Home (OOH) advertising brings your business to life in high-visibility locations across mediums such as billboards, street benches, transit ads, and digital screens. We’ll explore creative flexibility in ad sizing and placement, targeting ads to your audience through strategic locations and meeting them where they are to grow brand awareness and maximize the impact of your campaign dollars.

OOH is an excellent complement to digital marketing campaigns to extend brand exposure beyond digital channels. Our full-service team builds businesses integrative, multi-channel marketing campaigns to reach your audience both online and offline.

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Post-Campaign Analysis & Reporting

What is the goal of running a paid media campaign? Results. All TV, radio, and digital marketing campaigns’ performance are measured through complete and transparent reporting. Campaign reports are generated monthly or at the end of the campaign and consist of an overview of the campaign’s goals and objectives, including a breakdown of individual tactics and metrics. Through reporting we gather the data and pull strategic insights to determine the next, most informed action for your campaign goals.

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