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7.16.21 | read time: 2 min

Evoke Therapy Programs

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About Evoke

A wilderness therapy program in Utah and Oregon branched off from its original organization and needed a name and brand image to communicate the personal journey to wholeness achieved by its participants.

We worked with the organization’s founders to create a name, logo, corporate papers, website, print materials, digital marketing and video series that presents the philosophy and clinical expertise that makes their programs so successful.

The result is Evoke Therapy.


Digital Marketing For Evoke

Evoke Therapy offers hope and clarity for adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, fear, stress, depression, low self-esteem, anger, and substance abuse.

Their proven approach acknowledges the inner Self to create lasting change. This understanding of self is reflected in the Evoke logo, where interconnected letterforms fit into a circular shape reminiscent of the Taoist yin-yang symbol. The two parts of this symbol represent the duality of life and how seemingly opposite aspects of our being fit together to make us healthy and balanced people.

We have designed and developed several generations of the Evoke website. The current iteration of the site outlines their wilderness and intensive programs, provides access to hundreds of podcasts and webinars, and blog articles and introduces prospective clients to Evoke therapists through individual staff videos.

Digital marketing was an important component of introducing people to Evoke’s intensive therapy programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people felt insecure, isolated, and fearful. The situation brought added pressure to relationships and stress at school and work. Evoke met this unprecedented psychological crisis by promoting its online intensive therapy sessions that participants could access from home or onsite.

For two months during the pandemic, 63% of Evoke’s website visitors resulted from clicking the campaign’s paid search and display ads, with New York and Los Angeles being the top visitor locations—which were specifically targeted by paid ads.

Recent additions to the website are overview videos of Evoke’s wilderness and Intensive programs that were produced from footage acquired in the field by Tyler Measom, a videographer based out of Salt Lake City. Working with Tyler and the Hamilton Studio, we created videos showcasing the beauty of Evoke’s wilderness locations in Utah and central Oregon, and personal on-location intensive therapy sessions. We wrote the video narration that was recorded by Dr. Brad Reedy, one of Evoke’s owners and Executive Clinical Director.