Edward Moore

CEO, Founding Partner

Since learning about advertising in a University of Idaho comm class in 1987, Edward has been an ad man. He built our agency from the ground up, continually adding talent and expertise to better serve larger clients with complex marketing needs. With over three decades of experience in media strategy, campaign planning, brand consulting, and agency management, Eddie’s skills as an advertiser are remarkable. He’s curious about the world and has a unique talent for reading people. His most popular talent, however, is when he turns into chef Eddie and treats us all to something amazing.

When he’s not running the business, Eddie loves to golf, coach football, volunteer, cook for family and friends, and raise his two children with his wife, Traci.

Education: BS in Communication/Advertising option; University of Idaho

Reverse centaur or merman? Why reverse? This blows my mind as I can’t imagine having either a horse head OR a fish head… but since my head is a little horsey (not John Elway horsey), I’ll go with Centaur. And my trademark greeting would be “haaaaay!”