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Jodi Sali

Director of Production


If your office doesn’t have a Jodi, you should probably get one. Our Jodi plays a lot of roles. He’s our general contractor, comedian, tech support, team dad, and professional storyteller. Although we’re constantly asking him for help, he somehow manages to concept, write scripts, record the voice work, and produce radio and TV spots. He also finds time to help produce virtual events, film and edit videos, and then take care of the audio design. If you ever get the chance to experience his coaching and direction in the studio, you’ll see why clients love him and why we feel really lucky to have this mega-talented dude on our team.

Outside of work, Jodi likes to be outside and do projects. In the summer, you can find him on the golf course or camping. He also likes to volunteer coach, mentor young people (including his own children), and serve as the children’s ministry pastor at his church. Jodi is actually just a medium-sized kid all grown up.


  • BA in Visual Design/Secondary Education; Boise State University

Awards & Recognition

  • World Water Park Assn. Best Radio Campaign
  • Mercury Award Finalist for Radio Creative
  • MVP, DaviesMoore, 2017

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