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10.26.22 | read time: 1.5 min

Why Our Three Newbies Chose 116 & West

116 & West

With a keen awareness of the competitive job landscape, we know we hit the jackpot with our three new team members. Inquiring minds have the same burning question: Why 116 & West? Let’s find out.

Aniecea Alvarez, our new Digital Marketing Specialist, is based out of our Spokane office. She’s sharp as a tack with a dry sense of humor that keeps us on our toes. Quite honestly, we’d be lost without her SEO savvy. She said, “I chose 116 & West because I wanted to break into the agency world with a company that’s ahead of the curve, takes pride in its work, and creates a positive culture. Everyone is a joy to work with and wants to share their knowledge with you. I’m honored to work with people who collaborate and make me want to excel.”

Aaron Ellis, our new Graphic Designer in Boise, is kind, detail-oriented, and honestly feels as if he’s been here since 116 started. He said, “I chose 116 & West because compassion and collaboration are deeply ingrained into everyone working here. 116 is determined to set the creative bar for agencies in the West. With our tight-knit team, I believe we will achieve that.”

Kerigan Smith, our new Account Coordinator, is a marvel of organization and sweet as pie. She said, “I chose 116 & West because of the people. 116 & West was highly recommended to me while in my undergrad, and once I interviewed, I knew it was a great fit for me. I’m surrounded by creative, awesome humans. Who wouldn’t want that?”

We’re grateful to these three, and their contributions have already had an impact. The theme of creation and collaboration woven throughout their answers means we found the right people.

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