Barre3 is a national company that includes both franchises and an online subscription product headed by their corporate office. Their challenge is to support the franchises along with increasing subscribers to their streamable workouts. We loved this challenge, and developed a tiered program to help them meet all their goals.

CLIENT barre3
DELIVERABLES Display Ads, Social Media Ads
EXPERTISE Design, Digital Media, Social Media, Strategy, Copywriting

Social Ads

Barre3 has a strong, beautiful brand that needs to be upheld through their the social media platforms. Our job is to create and run ads that maintain the brand essence while messaging to the right market at the right time.

Branding Collateral

Most barre3 franchises are started by people who love the brand, message, and workout. These people are passionate about their business, but may not know or understand how to best market it. To make all the marketing lingo a little less confusing, we created a marketing glossary booklet to give to each franchisee owner. The booklet contains all the marketing terminology and types.

Franchise Marketing Options

We know that not every franchise will be able to spend the same budget, so we came up with options for franchises to choose from. This booklet explains in detail how each option works, what strategies we’d utilize for each, and what each owner can do to empower their marketing.

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