We’ve had a special relationship with the folks at Bardenay for a long time. So, we were pee-our-pants excited when they told us they wanted to open a new restaurant in Eagle and needed our help. The restaurant, we were told, was to be called “Coyne’s,” honoring a family name of the owner, Kevin Settles. We’re so proud to have helped get this restaurant up and running!

CLIENT Coyne's Restaurant
DELIVERABLES Photography, Menu Design, Packaging, Website, Digital Campaign
EXPERTISE Strategy, UI/UX, Design, SEO, Development, Photography
Coyne's Exterior
Coyne's Brunch

Bottle Packaging

The Coyne’s team also needed Coyne’s bottle labels for Bardenay-distilled and custom-made vodka and gin. We used the branding we’d established for the menu and the website to bring the labels to life. The same geometric, art deco style is apparent on the liquor labels. (If you’re looking to grab a bottle, you’re out of luck. They’re only available as part of Coyne’s signature cocktails.)

And, this might be a little self-serving but, can we just say: those labels look cool as hell.

Coyne's Gin

Menu Design

With the Coyne’s logo in mind as inspiration, we designed the menu utilizing the art deco feel in the typeface, color, and geometric design elements. The menu was printed on a light-colored linen that is reminiscent of a fine linen tablecloth.

We designed and built the Coyne’s website with style and accessibility in mind. Not only does this site fully integrate the brand, but it also includes screen reader and keyboard navigation functionality for a more inclusive user experience.

User Friendly Navigation

The menu pages incorporate a sub-navigation which allows users to jump to a specific part of the menu eliminating the need for tedious scrolling. We also integrated Resy, allowing patrons to make reservations directly on the site.
Coyne's Website

Social Media Campaigns

Facebook Likes Campaign
To incentivize people to like the Coyne’s Facebook page, we ran ads that lead with a $50 gift card giveaway message. The short campaign was highly successful in that the ads reached almost 25k people and received 2,652 engagements.

The Coyne’s Facebook page began with 290 likes, after the campaign it had 2,009 likes. (That’s like a 600% increase! DAAAAAMN.)

Facebook and Instagram Carousel Campaign
To announce that Coyne’s was open for takeout and delivery, we utilized carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram. Each ad had three different versions of copy. Our ads reached 40k people and garnered 1,077 engagements over a two-week campaign.

Instagram Follower-building
To help Coyne’s build a following on Instagram, we began following accounts that had the right connection with the restaurant. We followed community pages, thought leaders, local restaurants, and accounts that were already following Bardenay.

After this short push, the Coyne’s Instagram account went from 219 followers to 463.

Coyne's Instagram
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