Millenkamp Cattle is a family-owned, integrated agribusiness in Jerome, ID. The expanding business was interested in investing in its brand strategy and direction to better illustrate the quality and history of their operation.

CLIENT Millenkamp Cattle
DELIVERABLES Logo, Video, Branding, Collateral, Apparel, Website
EXPERTISE Strategy, Design, Brand, Planning, Copywriting, Video
AWARDS Silver Rockies Award, Identity collateral package; Davey Award, Brand video
Logo And Brand Development

We began by helping Millenkamp create a brand hierarchy to address the multiple pieces of their business and ensure they’re prioritized correctly. With their collaboration, we created a bold logo that invokes a sense of their pristine quality, professionalism, and innovation. Borrowing from the pitched shape of the original barn, the logo also speaks to the family history and long-standing tradition in the industry.

Noto-Serif, Regular
Montserrat, Bold
Montserrat, Light

Branding Collateral

We utilized the logo to create a whole suite of branded marketing collateral, including the Millenkamp trucks, hats, swag, and sales materials. This collateral helps to reinforce the brand look and feel, so it’s recognizable across all areas of their business, both internally and externally.

In-house Website Development

The Millenkamp website was every designer's and developer's dream to design and build. All of the videography and photography was done in-house, which helped make this site gorgeous, cohesive, and brand-focused.


We're good at what we do, sometimes they even give us trophies.

Silver Rockie Award
Identity Collateral Package
Davey Award
Brand Video
Branding Video

The video we produced for Millenkamp highlighted their cleanliness, business acumen, and family history. The video was beautiful, and owner Bill Millenkamp perfectly articulated what makes his business stand out.

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