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Our agency has been around for more than 20 years. That means, we’ve been doing good work for quite some time. Here are some of our favorite old-school jamz.

DELIVERABLES Design, Animation, Illustration, Concepting, Production

University Of Idaho

The “I Am More Than” campaign for the University of Idaho was highly successful. The print collateral included posters and a book, which showcased the unique, inspiring stories of U of I students and alumni.

Idaho Industrial Commission

We took on the challenge of communicating a complex and somewhat dry subject in a memorable and innovative way. We developed a campaign centered on the concept of time – hindsight and foresight – literally freezing workplace accidents in time. In television, we were inspired by visually stunning technology we’ve seen on the web called cinegraphs or cinemagraphs, which are essentially animated gifs created from high-definition video.

Boise Hawks

Boise Hawks needed help advertising their games. We concepted and shot a commercial that showed just how fun the games could be for people–no matter how old or young they might be. Instead of concentrating on the players or the game, we showed the crowd. This choice helped to highlight the experience a person would get at a Hawks game.

Gold's Gym

Fitness should be a daily habit. We reinforced this idea and showed off all the fun fitness options available at Gold’s Gym with a commercial. We wrote and shot a spot that did just that. Our ad also helped to alleviate the idea that Gold’s Gym was only for muscle-bound “bros.” Gold’s Gym wanted to be a friendly place for anyone to feel great and work out.

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