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Westie’s Vote

The 2020 election was undoubtedly one of the most important and influential of the past few decades. Our primary goal with this campaign was to encourage the people of Boise to participate—no matter which party or candidate they supported. Our main focus was education and awareness. We shared important dates and deadlines about how to get registered and vote.

Idaho broke it’s voter registration records in 2020. We like to think we had something to do with that.

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EXPERTISE Design, Social Media
That Vote Looks Good On You!

Design & Messaging

We designed our vote campaign to attract young and first-time voters. We wanted our messaging to feel fresh, fun, and positive. Voting should not feel like a boring duty, but an exciting chance to make a difference.

Social Campaign

The primary tool we used for our media tactics was social media. We posted on our Instagram stories, our main Instagram page, our Facebook, and our Twitter. Each of the pieces we designed, however, were built for the platform they would be posted on. You better believe we didn’t just throw an IG post on Facebook and call it a day.

BTW: Vote Goat was the star of our show. Isn’t he cute?!

IG Vote

Landing Page

We created a landing page that provided all the pertinent information for people to get registered and vote. We linked this landing page to our social media accounts and ensured that it was up-to-date when deadlines came and went.

Our landing page also included a fantastic “Vote” playlist for people to jam out and get inspired to participate in our democracy.

116 Vote Comp

Printed Collateral

To help spread the word about voting outside of the digital world, we made stickers and posters. We encouraged our staff give them away, hang them up, and basically show them off as much as possible. There isn’t a Hydroflask in our office that doesn’t have a vote sticker on it. #VSCO.
Looks Good Sticker
Looks Good Flyer
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