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Our Philosophy

We are the West. We’re scrappy bootstrappers who are always down to get our hands dirty and do the work. We seek adventure, look to the horizon, and honor the region we live in. We understand the concept of rugged individualism, but we value teamwork above all. We use the word “integrated” for a reason—a singular effort is nowhere near as powerful as what comes from a collective.

116 & West is built on the foundation of passion and excitement for our craft. We love advertising, and we love helping our clients find their truth and show it.

What's it like at 116 & West?

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Invested in our community

We make sure our cups runneth over so we can pour some into yours!

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116 Acts of Kindness

We know our success is made possible by the strength of our community. To continually uphold that strength and enrich our community we established 116 Acts of Kindness. We pledge to honor this commitment through monthly acts of service.

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Each year, we offer a pro bono partnership to a deserving nonprofit organization. Our employees nominate organizations that are close to their heart so we can help them continue to do their invaluable work in our community.

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Go West Internship

Want to dive into the world of advertising? We’re the pool (infinity, obvi) for you. Through our internship program, you’ll get real-life experience executing campaigns and working in an agency. Yeet.

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Westie 101

Our industry morphs on the reg. To keep up with it all, we get together and learn. We’re talking slide decks that slap, pop candy-prize quizzes, and some good-old-fashioned discussion.

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True love is a labor.

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We promise to share our lunch with you.

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