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We’ve been in the biz since 1998. We began as Marketing Media Group, then became DaviesMoore, and now we're 116 & West. Our longevity didn’t happen by accident—it’s a product of doing solid work that’s altogether practical and visionary. We’re both left and right brained. With the heart of a creative and the head of an operator, we work synergistically to do what’s best for our clients, without the pretense.

Through our many years as an agency, we’ve perfected our craft. We have processes and structure, yes, but we also balance these with open forum and courage. Our process isn’t linear; it’s not the same for each client. But we’re damn good at knowing when to take the deep plunge into R&D and when to pipe down and just create. With us, you get all of the fun and none of the flubs.

116 & West is built on the foundation of passion and excitement for our craft. We love advertising, and we love helping our clients find their truth and show it.

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CareMoore Programs

Our founding partner, Edward Moore, is passionate about giving back to our community. He’s instilled in our agency the desire to work hard, but also to care a lot about our community and our coworkers. Our programs make 116 & West an incredible place to call home.

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116 Acts of Kindness

We know our success is made possible by the strength of our community. To continually uphold that strength and add enrichment, we established 116 Acts of Kindness. Each year, we make the pledge to do 116 service acts. They’ll range from the small—picking up litter on our hiking trails, to the large—hosting fund-raisers for one of our community partners.

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Go West Internship

Want to jump into the world of advertising? Our internships provide well-rounded exposure and hands-on experience working on marketing strategies with clients across multiple industries. Let your passions be your guide. We’ll tailor the program to fit your schedule, interests, and expertise.

Check back in Summer of 2022 for updates on Go West Internship!
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Our 2022 nomination period is currently open for 116 & West employee advocates to nominate an organization close to their heart. If you don't already have an advocate among our team, feel free to drop us a line and tell us about the difference you make in our community.

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We’re passionate about our work, yes. We’re also passionate about life and the many ways to improve it. As a company, we hold book club meetings, take yoga classes, and go on hikes. We ensure our cups runneth over so we can pour some into yours.

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