Idaho Power

The goal of Idaho Power’s Energy Efficiency program is to educate customers about how to save on energy costs. We put our heads together to create a friendly campaign that both provides customers with energy-saving tips, as well as increases relevance and visibility to the Energy Efficiency programs.

CLIENT Idaho Power
DELIVERABLES Television, Digital Ads, Out of Home
EXPERTISE Animation, Design, Illustration, Character Development
AWARDS Rockies Award, citation
Illustration of Watts the dog with owner Julie.
Illustration of Julie turning up her thermostat.
Illustration of Julie and Watt planting a tree.

Character Development

Our biggest challenge was to make a utility company feel more personal and friendly. We achieved this task by creating digital characters—a dog (Wattson), and his owner (Joulie)—to personify the company and its services. The addition of a dog was a specific choice for the Boise community’s love of dogs.

Different character designs for dog and owner.

We executed a fully integrated media campaign across traditional and digital spaces. One aspect was a commercial we wrote, designed, and created. Our commercial featured Joulie and Wattson as they share various power-saving tips for homes in both cold and hot weather.


We're good at what we do, sometimes they even give us trophies.

Rockie Award Citation

Campaign Execution

We also ran paid search and programmatic display ads to drive traffic/acquisition while YouTube, OTT, and Pandora supplemented traditional TV/Radio. We also created an adorbs bus wrap and print ads. Since we’ve launched the campaign, we’ve seen a YOY lift in residential and commercial use of energy efficiency programs.

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